Pink Pilates Party: Work It

  • on December 6, 2015
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hands upSo you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not shout, I’m telling you why – Tomorrow your arms, legs, booty, and stomach may be totally FRIED! I’m just sayin…especially if you try this Pink Ribbon Pilates Workout provided by Kristin McGee. It’s just like you were there at the event! But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Pink Ribbon Pilates – by Kristin McGee

Climb A Tree: I like this move (picture below) for massaging the internal organs and for creating space in the sides of the waist and hamstrings. Lie down on your back and lift your right let straight up in the air. Inhale and start to climb up the back of the thigh until you sit up nice and tall. Exhale roll back down one vertebra at a time. Repeat three times and then switch to the opposite leg.

imageSingle Leg Straight Leg Kicks: Lie down on your back, lift your head up off the floor and both legs straight up to the ceiling. Lower your left leg ten inches from the floor as you pull your right leg towards you and pulse it twice, then kick the left leg up and do the same pulse. Continue switching sides for ten repetitions. Single leg kicks really work the abdominals and get the legs moving which aids with digestion. I think of this move as a walk or run on your back initiating the movement from your core. You will definitely stimulate digestion with this exercise.

Side Plank: Start on your side elbow under shoulder hips stacked engage your core and obliques and lift up to from a straight side. Line from head to heels. Hold 30-60 seconds and repeat on opposite side.


Camel: This is a good counter pose and stretch for abs. Come on to knees and lift your upper back and arch back until you reach your heels. Hold for 30-60 seconds. If your lower back feels compressed, just place hands on lower back.
imageTeaser: This is the best way to strengthen your entire core. Start lying on back with arms and legs long and lift up to a V. Sit while reaching arms forward. If this is too challenging, bend knees so they are parallel to the floor. Repeat 3-5 times.

Arm Circles: Stand tall in a pilates stance with abs in, and feet up in a pilates V position. Take arms out to the sides and circle
them forward 20 times then backward 20 times. Next take your arms overhead and hinge slightly forward from your waist with thumbs together and palms spread out. Stretch the arms forward at a diagonal working the triceps. Do 15-20 reps.

imageOverhead Stretch: Find standing with a overhead stretch reaching the arms up and lean to each side.


Good work girls! On to the favors, shopping, and raffle next!

Party On,


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