Lights, Camera, Oscar Party!

Picture 54

“Show Stopper” best describes the Cuisinistas Lights, Camera, Oscar Party!!! It was a huge success!!! With all the delicious Campbell’s Kitchen dishes! The Slow Cooker Chicken in Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce was the perfect movie night dinner for the group and a big hit!

Picture 7

The ultimate décor and super interactive games, this is one party that people are asking to come back to next year!!! We would gladly host such a fantastic, fun group of family and friends!!!



We gave away and posed for pictures with a few surprises such as homemade Academy Awards (They are simple to make, btw!).


My fiancé, James, came up with a really fun, creative way to incorporate our own way of giving Oscars to our guests by having awards for “Best Hair” and “Person Who Traveled the Least Far” (to get to the party)!




We created a unique way to play an Oscar ballot game as well. Most everyone put in $5 and the person who had the most correct selections won the pot! Congrats, Brett Glatman!

Picture 59

To top it all, we gave away new movie DVD’s to many guests. It added such a nice touch to a night filled with entertainment!!!

Picture 57

Hope you had a great Oscar night!!!


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