Boo-tiful Babies Bash: Create It

  • on October 23, 2012
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Every baby is boo-tiful on their own so planning the décor and activities for this bash is so simple since the little ones are going to the be the stars of the show.


  • Encourage guests to bring a carved baby-friendly pumpkin: Since this will be your baby’s first Halloween, it’s a good idea for the parents to make a cute decorated pumpkin with their baby before the party.  They will make precious memories during the process and then they can bring their pumpkin to the party, which will add so much decoration! Think pumpkins made into Elmo, Hello Kitty, Casper the Ghost or even use Mr Potato Head toys….Fun!
  • Festive balloons: If you still want to add a little spice, purchase a few pumpkin and ghost image balloons that are cute (not scary) and scatter them throughout the party.  NYC’s party is picnic style in Central Park so they found cute pumpkin stakes which they will tie their balloons on. The themed Halloween food is a must as well of course.


  • Pumpkin Bowling: How about this cute idea I found on Pinterest? – Pumpkin Bowling. Just use toilet paper as your pins with ghost faces and carve three holes into a round pumpkin (so it looks like a bowling bowl) – this looks so adorable and has to be a blast!
  • Create a perfect pumpkin photo opp! If your inside, you have all your home decorations to use to your advantage. Just prop your baby up on a bumbo seat or bobby with some festive fabric over it and you’re set. If your outside, keep it simple. Bring a few pumpkins and have the beautiful scenery be the background!  Every parent loves an excuse to take another picture.
  • Go a step beyond and create a “My First Halloween Keepsake”! This can be anything from your baby’s handprint on a pumpkin cut out with “My First Halloween” on the top or a polaroid picture on a cute card.  Parents will have so much fun making it and will love to take it home!
  • Cook something festive. If you want to add a cooking aspect to your party, why not make caramel apples and attach the recipe? Even better, this can double as their favor!

Most importantly, take tons of pictures of the babies dress up in their first costumes!

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