“902-Wino” Annual Wine and Cheese Party

The annual “902 Wino” Wine and Cheese party certainly exceeded expectations of guests who attended. With the lavish treatment from The Cheese Store Manager, Norbert, everyone felt warmly welcomed right away! He surprised us with a special guest speaker, Marianne, who’s Swiss family has been making delicious chocolate for three generations.

The night began with a personal, impromptu photo shoot of all the Cuisinistas bloggers. Ashley, Tonya, deNelle and I took at least fifty pictures since this was the first time we were all together as “Cuisinistas”! Shortly after our candid shoot, guests arrived to enjoy good conversation and friends simply ‘caught up’! A table with Chardonnay, a mixture of reds, and tasteful non alcoholic sparkling sodas were displayed so guest could fill and refill as they sought fit!

After about an hour of mixing and mingling, Norbert opened up the surprise theme of the grand event. “Cheese 101” as he called it! Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? As he introduced himself and the pleasant staff, one of the first humorous statements he made (of many) was, “If anyone leaves hungry, it’s your fault”! It couldn’t have been more honest. The drinks never stopped pouring and the various types of cheeses were continuously and beautifully served. A basket full of sliced bread and trays of salami and prosciutto were passed around with elegance! It’s was a luxurious tasting in a casual, non formal atmosphere.

Amongst the guests were Ashley’s mother and father. Since many people in Los Angeles have moved here from all over the country and world, many LA based residents are miles away from their families. So it was nice to have a family style setting in LaLa Land . Overall, we’d say The Cheese Store and the Cuisinistas got the five star rating! We learned a few tricks of the wine and cheese trade while creating unforgettable memories with friends and family! Thank you to all who attended!!!!! I’m looking forward to the next one already!

If you would like more information about The Cheese Store or the infamous chocolate company. Please visit these websites! http://thecheesestore.com/ http://chocolatebym.com/

Party Pix: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cuisinistas/sets/72157626685548425/

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