December Perk: 20-35% off Cutco Knives!

  • on December 8, 2014
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imageExclusive Discount from Cutco

The Cuisinistas Club is thrilled to announce that Cutco is offering all Cuisinistas an exclusive discount this month (for a limited time only)! Discount details include:

  • Individual items: up to 20% off
  • 4 or more items: 25 – 30% off
  • Knife sets: 30 – 35% off

To Order: To view the items available, please visit the website ( for our special Cutco representative – Patrick Folsom. Note that everything is listed at full retail. Then, to actually make the order, please call Patrick Folsom at 626-240-8410 to receive the discount.

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About Cutco:

While high quality knife brands such as Henkels and Wustoff are made of the best materials available and by the best engineers, they were designed to be used by professional chefs. Regardless of the quality of a straight edge blade, it will eventually go dull. Every time you use it, you are in fact dulling it. Chef’s know this and this is why they sharpen their knives at least once per shift. They want to keep their blades razor sharp. Unfortunately, most people cooking at home, do not sharpen their knives at all, rarely find the time or aren’t really sure how to sharpen correctly.

Cutco set out to solve this problem by creating a product that is both high quality and low maintenance. They started by creating a special edge called the Double-D edge which is like an extremely high quality serrated edge. Due to it’s construction, it stays sharp several times longer than a straight edged blade and unlike most serrated edges, it doesn’t rip and tear it’s way through food. You can literally use the Double-D edge for years without any maintenance. Also, unlike other serrated edges, the Double-D edge can be sharpened when it eventually does dull by a Cutco rep or by the Cutco factory, free of charge.



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