902-Wino “50 Shades of Red”: Be Shady

  • on October 12, 2013
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Vamp it up for the 902-WINO party this year!!! The dress code is Gothic Glam! Some have asked what’s “gothic glam” and our honest answer is this: It’s whatever YOU think that is!!!

For me, I think it’s glamour with a kick of an edgy appeal. It doesn’t have to be a LBD or an all dark color pallet. Gothic glam can be feminine and classy, but with some extra spice!!! Side thought… I was just reminded about Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes as I wrote that! You’re allowed to have one at 9pm, right?

So what should you wear to this month’s gothic and glamorous 902-Wino Party? Check out these ideas.

50 Shades of Red


“Glam Goth” by Modaensuma on Polyvore. Cross Ring, Cross Bag, Pink Dress. This is what Vogue has annouced as a trend.

story board

Painting Beverly Hills *PINK*
Katy Perry violet hair. Go subtle with purple highlights that wash out. a21100554099bdce708e7b9452fd91fe
Bright Lip
Style Board for the Darker Shades
Stay tuned for style tips from our friend and Today Show style expert, Jill Martin!

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