Spring Into Brunch!

Hey Cuisinistas, after returning on a late Saturday night from an awesome week of spring skiing in Vail, the next day I met my favorite gals at Circle’s in South Tampa for a lovely brunch.  If you are anything like me, immediate girl-time will help you avoid the post-vacation blues.  I jumped right back into my life (for Spring into Brunch!) and met up with lots of great friends (in our spring time outfits) and just caught up on the happenings in our worlds.

We sat around a circular table in our very own special room right in front of a big window to let the beautiful sun shine in….We had intimate privacy so we could review the lovely menu and enjoy our salmon, french toast, eggs benedict, chicken salad, bloody mary’s and mimosas. Brunches like this are key and necessary for chic women as it gives us time away from the hustle and bustle and just “be”.

I’m not sure how I accomplished this but somehow I was able to whip up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and wrapped them in floral napkins for party favors!  In the parking lot when were all saying our good-byes and running off to do our own errands, everyone asked me to make a monthly occurrence of brunches.  We are going do start doing this at different local restaurants – how fun!

Brunches are a perfect blend of breakfast and lunch because of the food choices, but more importantly, brunch is an excellent way to start a weekend by being able to sleep in a little and have time to get ready and look fabulous.  I hope you fellow Cuisinistas go shopping to find cute spring-time dresses and plan your own brunch – trust me, your friends will thank you for taking the time to get everyone together!

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