“Red, White, & Brew”, A Guys BBQ

Picture 70

The guys did this 4th of July party their way this time – and we have to admit, it was a blast! Everyone got together for beer and ribs, and much more! Here’s how the day played out.

Plan It:

Matt told you that guests were notified of our Red, White, & Brew by phone, email, text about a week ahead of time – no fancy paperless post or mail invites for these guys! Everyone still around town was invited to swing by for a festive 4th filled with beer, ribs, pick-up games, and pool time. Since a mix of people were invited, it was fun for everyone to reconnect with friends and connect with new people.

Cook It:

Jeremiah gave us the recipes and wow was the food spectacular!  The guys grilled up some tri-tip accompanied by grilled artichokes, strawberry spinach salad, garlic toast, and more. Matt’s brother Dave cooked up some awesome BBQ ribs! BTW thanks to veteran party hosts Dave and Donna for hosting this fabulous BBQ bash!Picture 71

Guests were thrilled to find these cute take-out boxes to bring home seconds!

Picture 62

Micro-brews were set out by the pool to help us all stay cool.

Picture 70

Watermelon Martinis were whipped up to mix things up a bit. They were a hit!

Picture 74

And for those who wanted to crank it up a bit – JELLO SHOTS!

Picture 72

Create It:

Chris gave us the tips to make these adorable Red, White, and Brew table toppers which were set out as festive diy to set the scene.red white brew decor

When guests weren’t by the pool, they were playing pick-up games at the court by the pool which added a fun and competitive spirit to the party.

Picture 52

Style it:

According to James, Pool party chic was the overall style at this guys BBQ. Most guys rocked shorts or trunks with a button down shirt rolled up or tee along with flip flops like these from Shane + Shawn. Thanks to Shane + Shawn for giving us an exclusive 40% discount for the week leading up to the 4th. What an awesome perk to help us celebrate the 4th in style!

Picture 49

The Red, White, and Brew Guys BBQ was awesome and after the day of eating, drinking, and playing games by the pool, everyone gathered around the fire with their drink of choice and chilled out watching nearby fireworks.

Picture 73

Whew what a party! Way to go guys!



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