Food, Fans, and Football: Style It

10Changing the Way You Shop for Game Day

Tailgating brings high energy, contagious excitement, array of colors, good cookin’ and a hint of friendly rivalry to game day events. If you are lucky, you will have school colors that fit into your ‘color wheel’. What are we talking about? Tailgating fashion!!! It’s just as important to dress for the weather & climate during game day as it is to support your team and wear the school colors.

Read up for ways you can incorporate the team colors into your wardrobe subtly or take it to the fashion extreme.

Fall in Love


Tee Spirit: Our favorite t-shirt shop with vintage appeal for many schools – Men’s and Women’s.

Rising Star


In Good Company

10 11

Picture Perfect


Personalize Your Dress with these super adorable Natalie Kim game day dresses.

Kimberly Long PhotographyKimberly Long Photography9



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