Food, Fans, and Football: Create It

It’s FOOTBAAAALLLLL Season!!! Whether or not you are in college, you can still act like you’re in your 20’s at a tailgate party! Getting ready for the big game is just as fun as watching the game. Let’s create your football tailgating celebration with flare and high energy:


Beer Pong : Who doesn’t enjoy a little competition and making your friends drink? All you need is a table, solo cups and a ping pong ball. Of course, if you want to jazz it up, check out this home depot blogger’s instructions on how to build a tailgate game table.


Piñata: Wouldn’t it be louds of fun smacking away at the opposing team’s mascot? With the creativity on Etsy, I’m sure you could request a seller to customize a piñata to your liking.

6 More Fabulous Ideas: 

  • Table: Decorate your table with green tablecloth or fabric and then use white tape and letters to make a football field. Also draw on a chalkboard as a centerpiece.
  • Napkins: Place your napkins in a holder with a sign that says “Penalty Flags”.
  • Cooler: Decorate your drink cooler to show your team spirit. Side tip: You can also place frozen water bottles instead of ice to keep food chill, and then you have water to drink when it melts.
  • Balloons: Attach them to your car so friends can find you easily (and you can locate your parking spot after the game).
  • Party Favors: The best party favors are those that can be used during the tailgate or the game. My personal favorite is the face tattoos that represent your team. Many friends won’t already have them and will appreciate the extra flash they can bring to represent!
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  • Hot Dogs: If you are grilling out hot dogs, try to find a cast iron of your team’s name or logo like this one for the Memphis Tigers.

Have fun and be nice to your neighbors even if they are wearing different colors than you!

Because style is everything, Tonya

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