“Chopping For Christmas” Party: Plan It


photoIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I love Christmas time. As an original SoCal girl living in NYC, it really makes the beginning of the east coast winter season much more tolerable. This month, I have decided to celebrate by hosting a small and intimate “Chopping for Christmas” Party – at our small NYC apartment (hence the small and intimate) – featuring festive and delicious appetizers all of which happen to require some chopping in the kitchen.

We all know that chopping in the kitchen can be both time-consuming and tedious, especially with dull knives. And we all have dull knives right? I mean who has time to sharpen your knives. Really! Thankfully, we have a wonderful sponsor this month – Cutco – to help us make the chopping much faster and easier! Cutco creates knives that are both high quality and low maintenance. I cook with Cutco knives at home and they really make cooking so much more easy and fun since they WORK WELL.

Great news for all Cuisinista Club friends – Cutco is offering us an EXCLUSIVE 20-35% DISCOUNT! Click HERE to learn more details about Cutco and this awesome offer.

At 3-4 weeks to go, there are three simple to dos to prepare for a simple holiday cocktail party:

1) DECIDE on a Guest List: How big of a space do you have? Do you want a small party for quality conversation or a big party so you can see all your friends?

2) SEND the Invitation: The invite we sent (picture above) is from Paperless Post. Evite is another complementary alternative that often has better creative and more invite options. I like how Paperless Post distributes the invitation with an online envelope giving the viewer a mailed invitation feel.

3) ORDER Decorations and Favors: The good news about decor is that you’ve probably already decorated your place for the holidays so thats done. I am planning to order some festive napkins to add to the Christmasy vibe. For favors, why not order some small plastic favor bags or tins and have guests”chop up” some Salted Caramel Bars at a cookie bar station. They can give the treat to a friend so they can truly say they’ve “chopped” for christmas!

Next is planning the menu. Tune in for delicious chopping recipes from Kristi! But first, Patrick from Cutco has demonstrated the benefits of having sharp Cutco knives in The Cuisinistas Club “Chopping for Christmas” Video Series. Click here to view EPISODE 1.

We hope you enjoy ythe season”…Everywhere you go…”

Party On,







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