Boo-tiful Babies Bash: Plan It

Party at our place. 11:30am Sunday. Bring your own bottle.  

Your baby bottle that is and don’t forget your boo-tiful baby in their costume too! Yes, The Cuisinistas Club is planning a fantastic little Halloween bash for our boo-tiful babies.  Why?  Well, here are a few wickedly fun reasons:

  1. Babies are way too cute not to dress up…as a frog, bunny, lobster, or pumpkin
  2. As dedicated mamas, we must take on all opportunities to parade our babies around in their cute costumes (which we bought 3 months before Halloween – yes you know that was you)
  3. Please. We know you have standards and must have new Cuisinista-approved recipes, drink ideas, party décor and style advice that you must learn about before throwing your next Halloween soiree. We won’t let you down!

Sounds freakishly fun right? Your invited to join us in planning this year’s Boo-tiful Babies Bash with your little ones in their most adorable costumes. Follow our blogs in the next few weeks for fab party ideas including spooky sips, batty bites, and festive baby activities!

Party On,



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