5 Steps to the Ultimate Flower Arrangement

arrangementMy mom, Susan, has always had a special talent for arranging flowers. She designed the beautiful flower arrangement below for the sprinkle. Want to try to put together your own centerpiece for your sprinkle? No sweat, she’s provided us with these 5 key tips for the ultimate flower arrangement!

  1. Think about your party theme:¬† What types of flowers evoke the feeling you’re looking for? In this case, the theme was “Safari” so we went with Curly Willows, September, Green Trick, Solidago and Daffodils which all remind us of the beautiful wilderness in Africa. Warm colors such as yellows, oranges, and reds are good for exciting themes.¬†Other themes may call for a more calm vibe. In this case you may choose a simpler arrangement using the same color flowers or even the same type of flower. Also, use cool colored flowers for a calm mood such as blues, purples, greens, and whites.
  2. Choose various textures: Select different types of flowers to make your arrangement interesting
  3. Have enough flowers. Having too many flowers is always better than not having enough.
  4. Place taller flowers behind shorter flowers. If the arrangement will be in the center of a table, place the taller flowers in the center. Then place the shorter flowers around those. If the arrangement will be against the wall, place the taller flowers at the back adjacent to the wall and carefully stack the shorter flowers towards the front as appropriate.
  5. Consider the party room. In this case, the room had high ceilings so we chose to have a tall arrangement to fit the room. Other occasions may call for shorter arrangements.
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