“Super Mario Brothers Bash”: Cook It

  • on January 23, 2012
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Cooking for a kids birthday party can be so much fun!  You can completely get into the theme of the party with the food.  A few things to remember when cooking for little people.  As a general rule they are pickier than most adults, so you want to stick to more safe and common ingredients for their taste buds.  Kids are small, so they prefer small food that they can easily pick up and eat.  You can have so much fun with the presentation, really decorating the food to fit your theme.

A Super Mario Brothers birthday party gives you so much to work with. Here is a link to an amazing recipe list for this party.

Super Mario Brothers Bash Recipe Plan.pdf

The Italian mini meatballs fit perfectly with the Italian theme, they are little for your little ones, and they are sure to be a crowd pleaser.  I love the twist with the fruit and pretzel kabobs.  They will be fun and easy for the kids to pick up between video games, and they are a healthy treat to put out.  The tomato cheese bread is a perfect home-made pizza you can make, and all kids love pizza.  To top it off for desert, I love Mario and Luigi’s favorite cupcakes.  They tie the whole theme together with cupcakes that look like toadstool.  Make sure to bake enough of these, because I’m sure everyone will want seconds.

Games are normally the big winner with kids birthday parties, but I’m sure if you put out this delicious spread you will have all of the kids going home asking for their mom to cook a Super Mario themed dinner.



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