Pretty Pumpkin Party

So in case you haven’t heard, ghouls just wanna have fun. And that’s exactly what The Cuisinistas Club did with our Pretty Pumpkin Parties for Halloween!

So which Pretty Pumpkin Party style did you go with? Did you carve pumpkins or add some glitter? Regardless of which theme you picked, we know it had to have been pretty glam, pretty sweet, and especially pretty chic!

Before we jump into all the party details—a few tips on the spooktacular recipes from Kristi:

  • The Wickedly White Pumpkin Dip and Harvest Chic Snack mix were a breeze to make, delicious, and filled with Halloween character
  • The Ghostly Pretzel Sticks came out adorable and yummy, but were more of a challenge to make. For those of you that are used to melting chocolate in a double broiler as I am, I learned that white chocolate does not melt the same way milk chocolate does.  White chocolate melts when it gets warm, but then hardens as it gets hotter.  To make the pretzel ghosts with the melted white chocolate, I needed to pull some out on a knife and let it cool a bit before it was easy to spread. Lesson learned!

Pretty Sweet Pumpkin Party: LA

LA’s party was pretty sweet if you ask us. 12 friends came over to Kristi and her husband Jeremiah’s house to enjoy the yummy sweets and carve their Halloween pumpkins.  They got some big tarps to put in their garage, and everyone sat around in a circle and carved.  It was a blast to see all of the different designs people chose to carve, and many of guests took a long time to perfect their Pumpkins.  Once everyone’s pumpkin was carved, they were lined up, put a candle inside each of them, and turned out the lights.  There were some impressive pumpkins!  Everyone there got to vote for who carved the best pumpkin, and you couldn’t vote for your own.  The votes were widely spread out, and the first time we had a 3-way tie.  They then did a re-vote, and Nickie’s scary pumpkin won!  For those of you that like to carve pumpkins, we highly recommend that next year you try throwing a party for all of your friends to carve with you.  What a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon before Halloween!

Pretty Glam Pumpkin Party: London

In London, the party was way glam! The glitter pumpkins sparkled away in London, the shimmer masquerade masks were made for disguise, and the pretty dessert menu was a hit! Everyone loved the pink glitter cake pop, spooky orange punch, and cookie witch hat ingredients! Ashley went to a boo-utiful Halloween shindig in NYC that deserves major props. It was a Cookies and Cocktails party hosted by a very chic diva. There were adorable pumpkin lights, glittery candles, and seriously sassy and cute costumes. Guests decorated cookies (ahem- including The Cuisinistas Club’s Ghostly Pretzel Sticks!) to eat and take home! The hit of the party was the “Wicked Brew” which was made with prosecco, vodka, orange juice, and orange sherbet. This recipe is totally adjustable for Christmas—just swap out the orange with raspberry and adding pomegranate seeds! Trust me this punch recipe lives true to its “Wicked” name – it is dangerously good!

Well here’s to doing Halloween right Cuisinistas! Check out our party pix: Pumpkin Party Recipe Plan

Recipe Plan:


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