902-Wino “50 Shades of Red”: Glam It Up

  • on October 7, 2013
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At The Cuisinistas Club, we find it important to make our parties stand out from the other parties. Whether it’s a wine-tasting, cocktail soiree, tailgate, whatever, a Cuisinista party has to have that extra flair that gets people talking. It has to have that something that really MAKES the party. Since 902-Wino is always a wine-tasting in Beverly Hills, this year, we wanted to have a party activity that gave guests a Beverly Hills experience. Here are three fun ideas for you to take home to your 902-Wino party.

Silent Fashion Showheels pic

Encourage your guests to wear something Beverly Hills-glamorous such as must-have heels or their most sparkly jewelry. Throughout the party, encourage guests to vote anonymously on who’s glam item stands out from the rest. Guests will have fun anticipating who will win while having the opportunity to wear something FUN!

Mini “Lash-overs” by LashfullyLashfully_BeverlyHills_3689

We’ve invited Lashfully, a Beverly Hills-based beauty lounge specializing in lashes, to attend our wine-tasting in 90210. To give our 902-Wino event a glamorous twist, all guests of our party will be receiving mini-lash extensions. “Lash Yourself” at your own party with Lashfully’s easy-to-use Do-It-Yourself Lash Extension Kit!

Men’s Cigar Bar

Picture 74

Just so the girls don’t have ALL the fun, give the guys some cigars to take home as favors. There are a lot of small boutique-y cigar places around most cities, but in the event you don’t have a place to go, cigaraficionado.com has all the info you need about cigars PLUS a “Find a Retailer Near You” section.  Get a few different varieties to give your guys something to choose from, hence a cigar bar.

Glamorous activitites – check! Next step, chic tips on what to wear to a wine-tasting from Today Show stylist and contributor and People StyleWatch Contributing Editor, Jill Martin!



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