Meet Nicole

Ashley Cuisinista

Some things never change… two of my life interests, food and fashion, have lead me to such fun opportunities! I say, follow your heart and your tummy!

Being a Cuisinista has everything to do with being a fashionista! This is why I’m going to give you only the best tips to stay fit and fabulous in the world of food and fashion! Why do I get to speak on such things you may ask? Always having an interest in fitness, early on I studied about nutritional content and the value to living a healthy lifestyle. I grew up in the South where hearty meals included many fried foods. But, being athletic was a huge part of my life, so I had to find a happy balance of yummy yet low-in-fat foods.

After college when my many dreams took me to LA, I brought my cheerleading background to my professional career at a national clothing company. Currently, I am a Fashion and Beauty Editor of a cheer magazine and am working as a collegiate publishing representative. I manage several disciplines including Nutrition, Health and Wellness! Go figure! Still keeping my hand in the ever changing, creative world of fashion and beauty, fashion shows are on my ‘must’ list! Nothing compares to the excitement of getting all dolled up for parties, dates, and events… this I will help you with ladies!

I’m looking forward to sharing the glamorous side of life with you! Cheers to making your most memorable moments, unforgettably fashionable!

Steal the show, Nicole