“Wish Upon a Holiday” Party

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The “Wish Upon a Holiday” Party was all about Sharing, Giving, Celebrating, Hoping, Wishing, and Dreaming!!!

This year marked the beginning of a tradition for us and we’re extremely proud to partner with Make-A-Wish Foundation!!! On behalf of The Cuisinistas Club, we are making a donation to this heart-warming charity and our hope is to have the donation amount grow each year.

Our wishing theme included an ornament making party. What makes for a fab party (besides having the most glam guests)? Good eats, great décor and fun activities!

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What a better way to add to the celebrations during this joyful time of year than by making homemade ornaments for your home or to give them as keepsake gifts for your family and friends! The surprise element of this ornament making party was to write down your biggest wish on a piece of paper, place it inside the ornament, and plan to open the ornament the following year. This is a tradition amongst my friends and I must say, I’ve seen a few wishes come true, including one of my own!

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Guests had the choice of several decorations to add flair to their ornaments including candy canes, sparkles, and letters.

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In my search for fashionable holiday trends, I came across these fancy finds. See this Pinterest board for my 2013 Wish List!  What’s on your wish list? Let us know!!! 

As we start off 2013 with a fresh new inspirational start, we wish you the best. May your hearts be filled with a lifetime good health, love, kindness and hope!!!


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