“Super Mario Brothers Bash”: Plan It

  • on January 17, 2012
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OMG that is so embarrassing. I mean didn’t everyone left the 80’s um… in the 80’s??? Do you realize your secret obsession with Super Mario Brothers is totally “uncool” and way immature? Seriously, you might as well be crimping your hair and calling it “Rad”. Oh wait you’re probably into that too.

J/K Cuisinistas. We know everyone secretly loves Super Mario Brothers. It’s the only video game that will truly never go out of style. And let’s face it, we do know style. Our boy Mario is super stylish – he has come a long way in 30 years. Yep, the hammer-wielding plumber has progressed from a character in “Donkey Kong” in early 80’s, to being the star in his own titles with brother Luigi in the 90s to being a Cuisinistas party theme in 2012.

Yes, you guessed it, this month we are planning a “Super Mario Brothers Bash”, Cuisinistas-style. We are going undercover though and saying it’s really a kid’s birthday party. I mean why not invite the kids, right? We’re cool like that

We can hear it now, “I don’t have anyone to throw this party for”. Nonsense! It can be for your son, nephew, friend’s son, anyone! Here are a few quick tips to get you started thinking about the ULTIMATE Super Mario Brothers Bash.



•Mushrooms: The one food item in Super Mario Brothers is the mushroom so make chic but simple appetizers like sausage stuffed mushrooms.

•Italian: Hello! Mario and Luigi favor Italian food of course. Don’t forget to have some delish kid-friendly apps that kids can grab and go play such as spaghetti, garlic bread, and pizza.

Activities (besides having Super Mario Brothers to play- Obvi!)

•Jumping Contest: Luigi and Mario will jump over nearly anything, so why not have the kids try their own jumping challenge? Give out candy to the kids who jump the highest. Shhh don’t tell them that they are getting exercise as they jump. Perfect!

•Mario Mustaches

•Mario and Luigi both have some great mustaches, so have the kids make their own mustaches. Let them color them any color and add all the glitter, pipe cleaners, or streamers they want. The crazier they are, the better your pictures will be later.


•Get creative! How about this? Just cover normal favor boxes with yellow paper, add black question marks on them and fill them with chocolate gold coins.

There is so much more to do but we’re going to have so much fun along the way. Stay tuned the next couple of weeks for kid-approved party recipes, Mario and Luigi themed décor ideas and tips on what Mario would want you to wear.

Party on,


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