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  • on January 24, 2012
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A Super Mario Brother’s Wii party for a 7 year old is not our typical Cuisinista party, but I know many of our readers have kiddos so we want to show you how to make a child’s birthday Cuisinista style!  I have to first tell you that this has been one of the most fun parties to plan (except for my wedding of course!). Here are a few of the fun ideas.  I got so many of the tips from Etsy which is handmade heaven!  Etsy, Etsy, Etsy is my motto!

Wii Game Remotes – Make sure you have enough remote controls on hand so the boys can play four at a time and rotate every 20-30 minutes. Keep extra batteries at your side to avoid a disaster

Invitations/ Decorations – I sent in a picture of my son’s face and a very creative seller, turned him into Mario on a print-it-yourself invitation.  It is so cute!  Check out

Instead of traditional banners and centerpieces, try opting for poster size wall decals that can go on the wall behind the TV for decoration.  My son’s face will be printed in the Mario cartoon throughout the house (along with a small 11X14 poster that his friends can sign).  We’ll save this for him in his keepsake portfolio so he’ll remember who came to his party in years to come.  I got an idea from an Etsy seller to purchase a mustache and Mario hat prop and then have each kid put it on so I can take a picture of them.  I will then put the picture in each kid’s thank you card so they have it of themselves after the party. So fun!

Activities – While some of the kids are rotating in for the Wii game, the others can draw Mario figures in bubble paint.  We traced plastic sheet protectors with various images of Super Mario Brother’s characters so the kids can peel off their drawing when they leave. My son also likes to play Chess, so we got him a Chess set of Mario figures for his birthday – I suspect some kids can play that too while in rotation. For the few girls, they will love the bubble painting and we will have other crafty projects (coloring doll figures, decorating jewelry boxes, etc) to keep them busy while the boys battle on the Wii.

Food/Drinks/Dessert – Pizza, Pizza, Pizza.  As much as you want to be creative, the best bet for food at a kid’s party is pizza.  Pizza is the most kid-friendly choice, hands down.  You probably already know that kids won’t be impressed with fancy, elegant dishes – save those ideas for the parents. You can, however, jazz up the water bottles with Mario themed labels that say “Power Up” on them.  Check out

Want to make the main dessert super simple, cost-effective, yet still fun?  Go with traditional cupcakes (in red-lined holders) and purchase plastic Mario character figures for the tops of the cupcakes.  Just search the internet for the characters and you can order them from Amazon or other specialty stores for under $20.

Goodies/Party Favor – I am going to have multiple Mario themed- jars decorated on the table with all sorts of goodies: The “Ice Power” jar will include white mini marshmallows.  The “Fire Power” jar will have those fire ball candies.  The “Yoshi Eggs” jar will have some colored hard candies.  The “Toad’s Pops” jar will have hand-dipped donut holes in green dyed white chocolate with white fondant circles so it looks like the Toad from Mario. There will also be two lollipop jars containing chocolate yellow stars and chocolate shaped Mario mustaches on a stick.  The kids can pick and choose what they want to throw in their party favor bag which will also contain a Mario squeeze bottle, Mario note pad and Mario markers.

The two best “Cuisinista” parts of the favor bags are the favor tags and the Wii shaped chocolate remote controls. The cute Mario tags say “GAME OVER “Wii” thank you for coming to Jackson’s party”:

You can get the adorable remote control chocolates from Etsy too.  I’m telling you, Etsy sellers will inspire you! Come back for my “Rocked It” blog in a couple of weeks to see photos from our party!  This is one that you have to see for yourself!

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