Shhh! It’s HIS Surprise Party!: Style It

  • on April 14, 2015
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image5 Tips for Surprise Party Fashion Etiquette

Tip #1: First and foremost, upon deciding a dress code, keep in mind what the guest of honor will likely be wearing and ask that guests dress similarly. You want your guest of honor to feel like the superstar and most importantly, fit in! If little ones are attending, a customized tee or baby onesie with a loving graphic or statement could melt everyone’s hearts. Tonya and Chris’s daughter wore an adorable onesie from TinyTotsDesign on Etsy.image

Tip #2: Just like any formal or informal event, remember to dress for the time of day. For night, you can’t go wrong with a cocktail dress because they are in style all year!!! Be mindful of the color story based on seasons, however. Like the looks below? Get Tonya’s flowy orange look from Free People! Nicole’s wearing Anthropologie skirt and Anthropologie accessories.

Tip #3: Want your guest of honor to dress up more than usual? Have someone invite them somewhere pre-party! This unsuspecting gesture will allow the BIG surprise event to fly under the radar; all the while you are preparing them to be dressed for the special occasion.

imageTip #4: It is not necessary to specify a dress code on formal invitations. The event should be the clue as to the appropriate attire, but “black tie preferred” or “white tie” can be added in small print at the bottom of invitations. The helpful advice will be appreciated by guests so they arrive prepared, cause you wouldn’t want anything to ruin the fun.


Tip #5: If you want to incorporate extra fun, pick a party theme. It’s a classic way to get your guests excited. They get to use their creativity and the outfits are such phenomenal conversation starters. Here’s a little 80’s inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.18.03 PM

Keep in mind that a themed party isn’t for everyone. It can make arrangements a little more complicated, thus a little harder to keep the guest of honor from getting suspicious. Sometimes simple is best!

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