Rock Your Resolutions Brunch

Every year we all make New Year’s resolutions, and how often do they last past January?  Not very often, right?  Well, this year we made them together with our close friends so we can hold each other to them in 2013!  Whether you want to be more fit, more frugal or more fun (that would be none of our friends by the way!), invite your friends to join you for brunch, coffee and tea!  It is just another occasion for you to be festive during the holidays.

Activities – We passed out cards and pens for folks to write their resolution on and then collected them in a bowl.  We then had each person draw a resolution from the bowl and read it out loud so we could all guess who wrote the resolution.  It was so much fun!  Of course, many of the guys were not entirely serious, but that made it even more fun.  Lots of laughs were shared.  I purchased the cutest NYE Resolution Cards on Etsy that can be placed in your wallet so you can be reminded of your goals year round!

Here is the link:

Gifts – Because there were a couple of babies that would be attending the brunch, I got them little onesies that said their new year’s resolution was to WALK… they were such a hit and they got to wear them on New Year’s Day.  Here’s another link if you want to check out the cutest festive attire:

We provided the drinks and a few yummy brunch dishes, and asked that others bring fruit, pastries, brunch-like casserole and appetizers, chips/dip, and donuts.  We were surprised to see and taste some of the scrumptious dishes people made – such as a corned beef hash – it was a hit!  We will try to get that recipe for you and post soon!  In addition, we used our new cake-pop maker from Christmas and made French Toast pops – they were lip-smacking!

 Click HERE to check out more party pix! PS – what are you goals for 2013?  Mine are to run 300 miles, do 50,000 sit ups and 3,000 push ups!  Wish me luck!

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