Pink Safari & Fire Trucks: Milestone-Worthy Party Hats

  • on September 9, 2013
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Picture 51Baby Fashion is HERE! Who says you grow into your style!? For these little bundles of joy, they’ve got the whole style thing down at 1! (Or maybe their Mommas do!)

Kristi and Ashley are giving their little kiddos such memorable birthday extravaganzas. While Bella and Andrew might not recall everything about their big 1-year celebrations, they will sure have exciting memories to look back on with the picture perfect snap shots.

The Sticker Game

Baby fashion melts my heart. How many times can one person say “aweee, that’s adorable, too cuteeee, get out of town” about baby outfits and accessories? Plenty, if you ask me. This isn’t simply Mommy talk… it’s Aunt talk as well. I’ve mastered it, as I’m an Aunt to three gorgeously smart nieces & four handsomely athletic nephews.

Humm, this starting to sound like a great party game for parents attending a baby birthday party!!! Let’s go with this because I haven’t heard of a GAME like this yet and it sounds fun. All the adults attending a baby birthday get a certain amount of stickers to wear. Anytime they say one of the common baby-like phrases / noises, someone has the opportunity to steal their sticker. Whoever has the most stickers wins a prize.

Milestone Stickers

Speaking of stickers, get “dolled” up… or as we should say “suited” up for the boys… and celebrate every big occasion, not simply birthdays, with these super adorable Monthly and Milestone stickers. The idea is to place these types of stickers onto a onesie, t-shirt, dress, overalls, or romper. Take a picture each year so you have a uniformed birthday timeline to show your little one when they are older. It’s a big trend right now, so don’t miss out on these types of photo opts.

Picture 50Picture 49

The Party Hat

What’s the best birthday party fashion accessory for your little prince or princess? You got it!!! The hat, or in this case, a crown! Something special, but different.

Picture 44

Picture 45

Hats off to you and your stylish babies…or should I say, hats on!



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