Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party

  • on June 6, 2012
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All a little boy wants on his Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party is to play at his house with his friends (that and a ton of legos).  All of the boys loved it and none of them were ready to leave at the end.  With so many kids, they were all over the place –, in Jackson’s room playing with his toys, outside climbing on trees, shooting marshmallow guns, painting at the craft table and the most popular location: glued to the TV on the Wii.  Little kids make the party what they want it to be and that’s the best part.

Cook It: All of the unique details put into the Mario planning were noticed and appreciated by the kids and their parents (chocolate lollipops in the shape of Mario’s mustache and the star power).  They loved the Mario character figures on the cupcakes and the wii remote controls made out of white chocolate.

Create It: I think the biggest hit (besides playing) was the Mario hat and mustache.  Even the parents got some laughs putting the costume on and pretending to be Mario for photo ops.  The party was no doubt a success and I think we’ll do something similar next year.  But next time, I’ll have a glass of wine BEFORE the party begins!

Party Pix

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