“He or She? What Will the Baby Be?” Party

Picture 19Do you know how hard it was for me to contain myself for 6 days after receiving sealed information that said if I’m having a boy or a girl?  I soooo wanted to take a peek at the golden envelope given by my doctor that revealed my baby’s gender – but my husband gave me the strength to not look, especially given the effort I put into planning the party.  Instead of wondering what was inside, I focused my attention on all of the little details to make the party perfect – and, I have to tell you, it WAS perfect!  Best of all, we are having a baby GIRL!  We have a little boy and we all wanted a girl, so the wait was well worth it! Here’s a recap of our fabulous day.

Plan It: Enticing Pink & Blue Invite

We sent our friends a fun blue and pink-themed digital invite which was custom-designed by a friend.

Picture 84

Cook It: “Baby Gender Reveal” Cupcakes & Colorful Cocktails

The first step in planning a baby gender revealment party is to make sure your doctor is clear that you don’t want to verbally hear your baby’s sex – but instead, you want the results written in a sealed envelope so you can give to your pastry chef.  They will make you either a cake or cupcakes that will have the appropriate color of filling on the inside – only visible when you bite into it at your party.   My pastry chef, Kristi from Verbena Pastries makes the most yummy cupcakes (and cookies)!

Picture 166

We also served Strawberry Mint Lemonade and Baby Blue Punch for adults to drink with their cupcakes.

Picture 20

Create It: Pink & Blue Party Panache

I also gave the a sealed envelope from our doctor (revealing our baby’s gender) to my local florist, along with a cute box I wrapped in pink/blue paper with the words “Girl or Boy Still a Joy!” glued to the side.  The florist then filled up helium balloons the morning of the party and taped the box shut so we couldn’t see what color the balloons would be.  My hubby and I opened the box in front of our guests and PINK balloons floated out to the sky! Picture 93

In addition to having your guests wear pink or blue to cast their vote, we had this chalkboard with colored chalk for everyone to make their choice.

Picture 17

Both the kids and adults also had fun wearing the mustache or bow pins to represent their vote.

Picture 16

Any party these days is not complete unless you have photo props!  Our mustache and lips on a stick made for fun party pictures!

Picture 18

The pink/blue piñata in the shape of a question mark was a true hit for the kiddos.  Another fun and extra nice touch for the party that went along with the theme and was kid friendly.

Picture 19

Style It: Festive Nails

Mommy-to-be pink and blue manicured nails add a little fun element to the ensemble.


What a party!!! Here’s to girls! xoxo,


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