Christmas Cookies & Champs: 5 Pieces of Flair

  • on December 5, 2013
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Isn’t this the most fun part of the year?!?  I love Christmas gatherings and what’s more fun than eating all sorts of yummy cookies baked by your closest friends. It’s always the little extra touches you do that set your party apart from the others. Here are a few tips to make your festivity a memorable one – and one that people will want to have as an ongoing tradition.

1. Champagne Bar – Set out some bubbly on ice on a festive table near the cookies and apps. Consider also including some non-alcoholic beverages for those who won’t be drinking such as martinellis, sparkling water. A great way to give still water some festive kick is to add some mint leaves and frozen cranberries!

Picture 1212. Cookie Box Station – Set out some cute cookie boxes for guests to use to take home their cookies! I found these red and white polka dot boxes on Etsy. It was hard to find a box cute enough & large enough to fit 24 cookies believe it or not!

Picture 120

3. Recipe Booklet – Ask everyone to send you their recipes ahead of time.  You can then format them so they print in small font where you can customize a handmade booklet using scrapbook paper, funky designed scissors, a ribbon and a hole punch.  Guests will love this so they don’t’ have to remember to ask for recipes they love – they will already have it as a party favor!


4. Mason Jars with Cocoa Party Favor – Another idea is to take a mason jar and fill it up with hot cocoa, add a peppermint chocolate square (as a hidden treat) and top it off with mini marshmallows.  Tie a ribbon around it with a little fabric, attach a mini bailey’s and hot glue mini candy canes to form a heart…. Voilà! – you have a spectacular party favor!


Hot cocoa5. Santa Tasting Contest – If you have a random guy at the party (we always do between husbands, boyfriends, etc), throw a santa hat on him, blind fold his eyes (with a red or green bandana) and ask him to “taste” each cookie.  Once he casts his vote for the winner, the lucky victor will take home a gift of your choice (I personally think these apple & cosmo flavored, stiletto-shaped cocktail mixers are a fun & girly selection).heel mixers

Try these other fun cookie exchange ideas for extra flair!

  • Serving Trays – Be prepared to have cheerful looking serving trays where guests can display their cookies if they don’t bring their own.
  • Milk and Hot Cocoa Bar – Place in Christmas themed bowls with toppings for hot cocoa and decorate area with ornaments to go with your color melody. Topping ideas include caramels, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint sticks, festive straws, and of course, you have to have some Bailey’s to top it off!
  • Fabric:  Go to your local fabric store and buy some red and green pieces to make tablecloths and create curtains as a back-drop to the cookie table display.
  • Kid’s Decorating Area:  If little elves attend the party, have some sugar cookies already baked in fun shapes (stars, santa hats, wreaths, snowmen, etc) and have lots of icing and sprinkles for the kiddos to get to work on creating their own masterpieces.

Having a cookie exchange is just another excuse to have your pals over to drink bubbly or hot cocoa and most of all RELAX during the hectic holiday madness. Go have fun with it!



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