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Ashley Flanagan Slaughter
Founder, The Cuisinistas Club

While working to attain a certification in nutrition, Ashley is a full time mom and wife with a strong passion for cooking. She loves to make fabulous dishes for parties and small get-togethers, however, most of the cooking lately has been for her family.


As a high school scholastic All-American and Division 1 swimmer at USC, eating healthy was a necessity. Her my passion for cooking and eating well thrived. She’s a die hard Trojan, having graduated from USC twice – with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and an MBA.


She created The Cuisinistas Club after a brave move to NYC from LA , and wanted to socialize while cooking with friends. Ashley is a strong believer that sharing the cooking experience with others makes cooking higher quality, and more fun.


Her career background includes Marketing at House of Blues Entertainment, Senior Integrated Marketing at a top ranked young women’s fashion and beauty magazine in NYC, and current President and Founder of Sweat for Smiles.


Cuisinista Cooking Personality: Health & Wellness Hero / On-The-Go Goddess

Special Contributors:

As a southern girl, wife, magazine editor, and fashion professional, Nicole’s two main life interests are food and fashion. She’s passionate about staying up to date on staying fit and fabulous in the world of food! Always having an interest in fitness, early on Nicole studied about nutritional content and the value to living a healthy lifestyle. She grew up in the South where hearty meals included many fried foods. But, being athletic was a huge part of her life, so she had to find a happy balance of yummy yet low-fat foods. She loves to bring in her love for fashion when styling her dishes.


Cuisinista Cooking Personality: Health and Wellness Hero

Nicole Britt Mazza

Tonya Todd

As a southern girl, mom, wife, finance professional, and super event planner, Tonya has been cooking for social events like dinners and holiday parties for years! She likes nothing more than a good time with pals and meeting new people in the process! She loves to make old yummy favorites and grab new ideas from others and put dazzle into parties. She knows that It only takes an extra touch or two to make your gatherings absolutely fabulous and talked about for days, months, years to come.


Cuisinista Cooking Personality: Gourmet Diva / On-The-Go Goddess

Kristi is a super mom, super wife, and scholastic education executive living in Orange County, CA. She started cooking dinner for her family in high school when her mom went back to work. Her husband Jeremiah is also an excellent cook, and they enjoy making dinner together every night. She says she’s not a gourmet cook, but they eat very healthy and tasty meals every night that don’t take too long to prepare. She’s excited to share recipes!


Cuisinista Cooking Personality: Gourmet Diva / Health and Wellness Hero

Kristi DiMatteo

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