902-Wino Party Style Tips from Jill Martin

  • on October 17, 2013
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Since this party is all about the WINO, we asked our friend and style expert, Jill Martin, from The Today Show, to give us her insight about what to wear to a wine tasting party!!! Read on for some sweet style tips.

“It is always tough when you get an invitation to a party and the attire is vague: “summer- chic” — “festive”– ” cocktail” …so what does it all mean? Here are the rules when going to a party in 2013 (in the past other rules may have applied but now there are three simple rules.

  1. ALWAYS be comfortable. Whatever you choose you should always feel your best. If you feel awkward wearing something – not only will you be unhappy-  you will feel insecure. Pick something that fits with the dress code but that ALSO makes you feel like the FABULOUS person you are!

  2. If you are going to a party (lets say a wine-tasting) expect people to be in everything from jeans and a pretty top ….to a little-black-dress.Of course, if you are tasting wine, you will be tasting food too…so opt for something comfortable….also stay away from white….if someone drops a tiny bit of red wine on you — you don’t want to be that girl who goes berserk!

  3. LAYER: there is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold at a party….if you opt for a dress wear a jean jacket or denim jacket…if you go with jeans wear a tank, sweater and a jacket over that…be prepared for anything. We all go out to have fun…so have it….just be armed with the right outfit to do so!

XX Jill”

There you go! Awesome ideas from Jill. To check out Jill’s new organizational line visit The Martin Project.



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